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Globalpak Solutions offers the complete ease and flexibility of a range of specified services to assist in your product or project including:

-    Product Development

-    Product Formulations

-    Packaging Sourcing

-    Manufacturing

-    Design & Artwork

-    Brand Creation

-    Trade Marking Assistance

-    Distribution Assistance

-    Product Sourcing

-    Website Design & Hosting

Product Development

Globalpak Solutions makes creating a new product for the market place easier.

With over 15 years experience and a large manufacturing network, Globalpak will confidentially discuss your idea, assist in identifying market trends and discuss the opportunity of designing and creating your product which is very exciting.

Full project assistance is offered from choosing the packaging, designing the artwork, formulating the product, filling the product and delivering a finished product all ready to go and Globalpak can do it all!

Product Formulations

Globalpak Solutions has professional relationships with a number of experienced and highly skilled Bio Chemists and manufacturers who confidentially formulate products unique to each customer’s requirements.

Packaging Sourcing

Globalpak Solutions has an extensive range of quality packaging products available such as:

-    Cosmetic Jars

-    Pharmaceutical Packaging

-    Cosmetic Bottles

-    Household Cleaning Bottles such as trigger spray bottles

-    Tubes

-    Dispensing Closures

-    Promotional Packaging

-    Beverage Packaging

-    Cartons


Globalpak Solutions offers complete peace of mind by working with reputable manufacturers highly skilled and experienced in filling your products and preparing them for distribution. Strict quality control procedures are adhered to by all manufacturers used by Globalpak. Site inspections are always encouraged.

Design & Artwork

This is the exciting part! Globalpak uses a group of exceptional and highly gifted graphic designers who are unique in their individual style. After the brief is discussed about your product and market trends are analysed, Melissa knows exactly which designer to use to make your vision a reality. Globalpak can also assist in having your packaging screen printed or labeled.

Brand Creation & Trade Marking

Got an idea for a product but just don’t know what to do? Globalpak will assist in creating your brand by brainstorming for a brand name, assist in trade marking your brand so it is protected and will also assist in creating a marketing plan.

Product Sourcing

Do you have a product that is unique or do you want to find a more competitive supplier? Globalpak can source these unique products for you or can discuss the possibility of tooling up for your own individual product with a local or International manufacturer.

Globalpak Solutions is a 100% Australian owned & operated Company located in Sydney.

Established in 2006 to provide complete project and product development solutions including:

- Plastic & Glass Packaging such as Cosmetic Jars, Bottles, Tubes, Caps. Large range & best prices on all plastic packaging!

- Product Development. Complete product solutions from concept to design to creation to delivery

- Product Formulations. Large library of stock formulations as well as in-house Chemist for unique formulations

- Manufacturing. No orders too small to discuss

- Product Sourcing. Cant find what you are looking fo here? Please contact our friendly staff